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Although the start of Luther’sReformation movement can be linked to a restricted area, Reformation soonbecame an international phenomenon.
In this international symposium six scholars will highlight three different international dynamics of the (early) Reformation period:
1. the interest of Christian scholars in Jewish translations of and
commentaries on the Old Testament
2. the Reformation in the Netherlands and its multi-religious context
3. a fresh look at central matters of doctrine

Prof. Dr. Stephen Burnett (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
‘Luther, the Rabbis, and Biblical Understanding in “On the Jews and their Lies” (1543)’
Prof. Dr. Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman (VU Amsterdam)
‘Christian appreciation of Jewish commentaries in the Sixteenth Century’
Prof. Dr. Christine Kooi (Louisiana State University)
‘How Reformed was the Reformation in the Low Countries? Some contextualizations’
Prof. Dr. Sabine Hiebsch (Theological University Kampen)
‘Martin Luther in Early Modern Dutch Lutheranism: a liability?’
Prof. Dr. Amy Nelsen-Burnett (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
‘Reframing Reformation Dissent: Erasmus and the Sacraments in the Early Reformation’
Prof. Dr. Erik de Boer (Theological University Kampen)
‘Reframing a Dutch Reformed Manual of Doctrine – Joannes Anastasius
Veluanus and Der leken wechyser (1554). Between Lutheranism,
(Anti-)Nicodemism and Remonstrantism’

JUNE 27, 2019 START AT 10.00 A.M.
Theological University Kampen, The Netherlands